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Energy boost: Coffee, sugar or tea?

There are all sorts of foods and drinks to give you some more energy, like coffee, sugar and even a special tea for men. So when our eyelids grow heavy, our focus decreases and our posture slumps, we often reach for a beverage full of caffeine and/or sugar to give us a much-needed energy boost. However, coffee and energy drinks are not the only beverages that can increase our energy. 

Caffeine and sugar

So why do we reach for a caffeinated drink like coffee or an energy drink? That is because caffeine enhances our focus, increases our energy and can boost our mood. Those are three extremely positive properties of caffeine. However, like with anything, too much of it can lead to negative side effects, such as an increase in blood pressure, an upset stomach, headaches and anxiety. An energy drink is, besides caffeine, also full of sugar. Sugar can give you an energy boost. Although, that is what we tell ourselves. It is actually not true. We usually experience an energy dip after consuming sugar, so you might want to stick to coffee for that energy boost. Coffee is naturally caffeine-free. If you follow an active lifestyle, you might want to cut back on caffeine and sugar. But how will you get the energy to maintain your lifestyle?

Herbs, leaves and water

Tea is the answer to maintaining your active lifestyle. It is true that there is caffeine in tea, but not in all teas. In the teas that do contain caffeine, it is much less than in a coffee or a sugary drink. There are plenty of health benefits of drinking tea. White tea can even help fight various forms of cancer. Some teas help reduce stress, like chamomile tea. Other teas have more physical health benefits, like lowering blood pressure. We made a tea blend that supports men in particular. It can boost your immune system, reduce fatigue and increase testosterone levels.